Explorer Surgical launches advanced video for remote surgery


ExplORer Surgical, a Chicago-based startup that’s developed an interactive platform for surgeons, has launched a new suite of advanced audio and video capabilities to make remote support easier in the operating room (OR).

The new video conferencing function uses augmented reality technology and supports telestration, allowing users to draw markers on the video image. Users can zoom in and out of areas and objects, and share their screen. This means that while one person may use a laser pointer to highlight a key instrument, someone else can highlight that item remotely on the screen. They can also save a picture of the telestration to ExplORer’s server.

The video tool has been launched in response to the restrictions created by the Covid-19 pandemic, to assist with surgical training while social distancing rules remain in place. It works alongside ExplORer’s existing workflow application, which creates a playbook of best practices specific to the procedure and each member of the surgical team. This allows critical information to be accessible throughout the surgery.

ExplORer Surgical will be releasing an advanced analytics function shortly, which will use data from its video and workflow platforms to apply AI to its dataset. The platform already collects data and insights on actions occurring during procedures to highlight areas for improvement; the aim is for it to use predictive analytics and computer vision to passively collect additional data.

Our entire platform is built on OR efficiency research from the University of Chicago, and we continue to identify the best ways to bring exciting technologies into surgical workflows that make sense and don’t further complicate the OR or procedural suites” said Jennifer Fried, CEO of ExplORer Surgical.

“In a rapidly changing world and in high-stakes environments like the OR, we are dedicated to finding the best methods to bring innovation to the surgical and procedural teams.”