First Installation of IMRISNV and IMRISneuro to be at New Smilow Cancer Hospital


IMRIS Inc. announced the sale of IMRISNV to Connecticut-based Yale-New Haven Hospital, the primary teaching hospital for the Yale School of Medicine. With installation later this year, Yale-New Haven Hospital will become the first hospital in the world with IMRISNV’s unique capability of allowing both 3 Tesla MRI and bi-plane x-ray angiography in a single suite without the need to transport the patient between modalities. The IMRIS suite will be installed at the Hospital’s new Smilow Cancer Hospital building and will include an interventional theater for neurovascular procedures, an MR diagnostic center and an operating room for neurosurgery. Earlier in the year, Yale-New Haven purchased an IMRISneuro system which will be part of the fully integrated suite.

The IMRIS suite features a bi-plane angiography system in the interventional theater and a wide bore 3T MRI scanner. The MRI can be deployed into any of the three rooms, permitting rapid and efficient transitions between MR imaging and surgery or intervention without transporting the patient between modalities. MR images can be taken before and during procedures to assess tissue condition, and can also be used in conjunction with fluoroscopic images during neurovascular procedures. On completion, new images can be taken to evaluate the surgery or intervention.