First State Worldwide to Establish Statutory Regulations for Sepsis Management

The Rory Staunton Foundation and Global Sepsis Alliance today announced that they will unite to fight against sepsis, which claims 8-9 million lives annually. They aim to collaborate to create Global Sepsis awareness & mandates.
On January 13th, as a result of the remarkable success of the efforts of the Rory Staunton Foundation New York Governor Cuomo made New York the first USA State, and among the first governments worldwide, to establish statutory regulations for sepsis management. 'Rory's Regulations' require hospitals to adopt proven practices for the early identification and treatment of sepsis.
12 year-old Rory scratched his elbow playing school basketball on March 29th 2012. He soon became unwell and, having previously been sent home from a leading New York hospital, died four days later from unrecognized sepsis.
The Rory Staunton Foundation's achievements under the direction of Orlaith and Ciaran Staunton came to the attention of the Global Sepsis Alliance (GSA), under the leadership of Dr Konrad Reinhart and Dr Ron Daniels, as a shining example of strategies to engage governments. The GSA has achieved world successes in engaging professional societies, healthcare providers and policy makers.
Both organizations call governments around the world to examine their response to sepsis. National strategies in New York, Wales and Scotland will be used as examples to drive response.
Sepsis facts — Sepsis affects over 26 million people worldwide each year. One third die
— It is the largest killer of children and new-born infants in the world — Sepsis is increasing at an annual rate of 8-13%
Sepsis is a life-threatening illness arising from the body's response to infection. More common than heart attacks, and more deadly than stroke, sepsis strikes with devastating ferocity in all countries, and is the leading cause of maternal death. Sepsis respects no age, race, gender, or economic status. Sepsis kills far more people than AIDS, and requires a global fight of equal magnitude.