GPI USA and InVita Healthcare Technologies Partner To Provide a Continuous Blood Management Solution


GPI USA, a specialized software provider for transfusion medicine including blood, plasma and tissue, and InVita Healthcare Technologies, a leading software provider for complex medical environments including blood, plasma, tissue, and implants, have announced a partnership in the world’s first end-to-end blood management system. The broad integrated product suite will bridge all blood center operations from donor recruitment and collections through to blood transfusion and patient care follow-up.

GPI USA provides web-based software to blood centers, blood banks, cell therapy labs, cord blood banks and tissue banks. With a Blood Establishment Computer Software (BECS) system, 510(k)-cleared as medical devices by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, GPI USA is a leader in providing web-based solutions delivered as cloud services. GPI USA is the North American headquarters of GPI SpA, an international Healthcare Software provider, deploying its solutions in over 60 countries worldwide.

Todd Collins, President and CEO of InVita Healthcare Technologies quoted “This partnership creates a single, scalable and dynamic ecosystem for blood product collection and management. For the first time, blood collectors will be able to see their collections and products in motion throughout their supply chain, with cohesive chain of custody tracking. Regardless of blood center size—community, multi-state or country—this system has what every blood collector has wanted and needs to thrive.”

Through this partnership, InVita and GPI USA customers and their staff will have visibility into real-time data across the management spectrum and accessibility to that information from any location on their preferred device. Never before have blood and plasma collectors had such insight into their operations at the local, regional, divisional and enterprise level.

Bruno Rousselin, CEO of GPI USA, Inc. quoted “This agreement is an important milestone in GPI USA’s strategy to focus on delivering web-based Blood Establishment Computer Systems while partnering with fully integrated partner solutions for Donor Marketing and Mobile Scheduling. Our web-based e-Delphyn Donor BECS will be the only solution on the market to be fully integrated to InVita’s products with real-time interactions which will bring additional visibility and faster decision-making to our clients.”


GPI USA is a leading technology company in the Healthcare IT market. GPI SpA, the mother company of GPI USA is a publicly traded company that provides web-based software solutions for blood centers, blood banks, cell therapy labs, cord blood banks, tissue banks, clinical laboratories, and human milk banks in more than 60 countries.

About InVita Healthcare Technologies

InVita provides healthcare technologies for complex medical environments. Its solutions optimize supply chain performance and visibility for blood, plasma, tissue, implants, and beyond. All for increased compliance, greater cost control, and improved patient safety. InVita has offices in Baltimore, MD, Jacksonville, FL, Chicago and Lake Zurich, IL.