PixCell Medical Partners with Axonlab to Distribute HemoScreen Point of Care Hematology Analyzer Across Europe


PixCell Medical , an innovator of rapid point-of-care diagnostic solutions, announced an exclusive distribution agreement with Axonlab , a leader in point-of-care testing in Europe providing healthcare equipment and services in the fields of medical diagnostics, life sciences and software solutions, to distribute HemoScreen ™, PixCell’s hematology analyzer, in key European geographies .

Axonlab will have exclusive distribution rights in Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

“Collaborating with renowned international suppliers to deliver innovative diagnostic systems to clinics, physicians and the research sector is at the heart of our identity as a company. We are focused on providing comprehensive, future-oriented services, and we believe PixCell’s HemoScreen is an important tool in improving the diagnostic and decision-making capabilities of clinicians, ”said Dr Tamara Hensel, head of sales and marketing at Axonlab. “This is especially important for ‘Point-of-Care’ locations. In decentralized sites and at the bedside, the HemoScreen POC System complements our existing broad portfolio in hematology in physician offices and routine laboratories. AI-driven diagnostic tools like HemoScreen represent the next evolution in diagnostic technology. Making this technology available at the point of care for hospitals, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, private laboratories and research organizations can increase patient safety, reduce the time it takes to receive key diagnostic results, and help clinicians to make informed decisions. ”

HemoScreen ™, developed by PixCell Medical, is the only complete blood count (FSC) analyzer with 5-part differential that is both FDA cleared and CE marked for use in the point of care. HemoScreen Provides Laboratory Quality Diagnostic Results Equivalent to Large Complex Laboratory Analyzers traditionally used for haematological tests, and in much less time. Using a disposable cartridge preloaded with all necessary reagents, HemoScreen eliminates the need for routine maintenance and calibration and should not be used by a lab technician. With just one drop of blood and in six minutes, HemoScreen provides FCS results with 20 standard FCS parameters as well as complete labeling of abnormal cells for earlier detection of infections and certain types of cancer.

“Making HemoScreen widely available allows healthcare organizations to maximize diagnostic resources and helps physicians make faster, more informed clinical decisions. Ultimately, we want to increase the efficiency of diagnostics while maintaining the accuracy of results to help improve care and patient outcomes in many settings of care, including intensive care, emergency departments and oncology services, ”said Dr Avishay Bransky , CEO of PixCell Medical. “We are proud to collaborate with one of the largest point-of-care testing distributors in Europe, a company known for its uncompromising quality. We are confident that Axonlab will be a great partner and help dramatically improve the accessibility of FCS, the most essential blood test, in the markets it serves. ”

About PixCell Medical
PixCell Medical provides the only simple-to-use and portable point-of-care blood diagnostic solution. PixCell’s FDA-cleared and CE-marked HemoScreen platform shortens diagnostic results delivery from days to minutes. With just one drop of blood and within six minutes, HemoScreen delivers accurate readings of 20 standard blood count parameters, with the high clinical sensitivity of central lab results, saving patients, clinicians and health systems significant time and costs. PixCell leverages their patented Viscoelastic Focusing and lab-on-a-cartridge technologies, along with AI-powered machine vision, to deliver rapid point-of-care diagnostic results anywhere.