Hawaii Diagnostic Radiology Services Elevates Patient Engagement with RoyalPay


Hawaii Diagnostic Radiology Services (Hawaii Diagnostic) proudly announces a significant leap forward in patient engagement with the introduction of RoyalPay® by Royal Solutions Group, a highly secure, web-based payment engine. This strategic initiative marks a pivotal moment for Hawaii Diagnostic as it aims to streamline operations and elevate patient interactions by delivering innovative payment solutions.

Royal’s cutting-edge straight-through processing algorithm represents a paradigm shift in the patient payment process. It empowers clients to shed the complexities of manual eligibility verification and intricate payment calculations, leading to a substantial enhancement in time-of-service collections. This transformative approach translates into almost immediate returns on investment for healthcare providers.

The integration of RoyalPay® demonstrates Hawaii Diagnostic’s unwavering commitment to harnessing technology to optimize operational efficiency while prioritizing patient-centric solutions. This strategic partnership reflects our dedication to enhancing the overall healthcare experience for our valued patients.

“The main benefit we found by working with Royal was increased revenue. We had a very hard time estimating how much patients owed us, and Royal has helped us with that a great deal. Patient pay at the time of service is now one of our best payers. Before Royal, we really had no idea how much they owed us. Now we know exactly what they owe,” shared Marshall Miyoshi, COO at Hawaii Diagnostic Radiology Services.

Peter Nassif, CEO at Royal Solutions Group, expressed, “It is wonderful to see the dramatic improvement in patient satisfaction when providing access to healthcare costs and the ability to control payment timing. HDRS implemented RoyalPay to provide patients with financial clarity before and on the date of service, using straight-through processing techniques. The days of receiving billing statements weeks after the date of service are obsolete, and we are excited to continue enhancing the experience for all patients and clients alike.”