Healthland introduces new Healthland Analytics solution for hospitals


Healthland, America's market leader of healthcare information solutions for small community and critical access hospitals, announces its new Healthland Analytics solution. Developed in partnership with Performance Management Institute (PMI), Healthland Analytics extracts relevant data from the Healthland Financial System solutions and other sources and presents it in easy-to-grasp, actionable snapshots of financial, operational and clinical performance. Healthland Analytics enables automatic flow of Core Measure data – standards established by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). In addition, the new solution provides tools for surveys, real-time analysis and reporting and automates and supports quality improvement programs.

“In today’s environment, hospitals require immediate access to financial, operational and clinical performance data for smart decision making,” said Angie Franks, Healthland Senior Vice President of Sales and Market Development. “Quick, easy and low-cost options for collecting this data is essential for rural and critical access hospitals – which often spend a significant amount of time extracting clinical data for Core Measure reporting as well as financial and operational data for its various stakeholders. Healthland Analytics eliminates manual processes enabling our customers to extract and report data automatically in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our new solution provides healthcare providers with tools to compare their current financial and operational performance against past performance, peer performance reporting, and many other valuable data reporting options including patient/physician level analysis and benchmarks.”

Hospitals are being challenged more than ever before to demonstrate performance improvements to their board of directors, community leaders and stakeholders. Healthcare leaders must move quickly to take advantage of emerging opportunities and, at the same time, have the ability to neutralize a threat in the early stages. Healthland Analytics provides immediate access to important financial, operational and clinical information. Key areas include financial indicators, Core Measures reporting and survey reporting.

Financial indicators – such as up-to-date views of commercial mix percentage, days cash on hand, operating profit margin and bad dept percentage — are vital to a hospital’s decision-making process. Healthland Analytics provides a complete perspective on a hospital’s finances, productivity, quality and satisfaction levels.

CMS implemented Core Measures to help consumers make informed decisions about their healthcare providers. For healthcare providers, Core Measures drive quality improvement programs if the information is timely, accurate and easy to understand.

Healthland Analytics automatically extracts clinical quality data from the CMS Abstraction and Reporting Tool (CART) and repackages it into quick-reference graphical views, as well as more detailed “board reports.” The net result is insight into treatment outcomes and physician performance.

Access to survey reporting data can be tremendously helpful to healthcare providers, identifying areas of strengths and those where improvement is needed. Unfortunately, smaller hospitals typically do not have the staff time or resources to systematically survey their patients, employees and medical staff.

Healthland’s Analytics provides access to wealth of patient opinions about their experiences in the emergency department, inpatient and outpatient settings. The solution also enables healthcare providers to investigate the perceptions of clinical employees, nonclinical employees and physicians. With survey results, healthcare professionals gain a better understanding of specific situations by drilling down to additional detail.