How to Boost Your Organic Engagement on Social Media


We can never get away from it, worlds are a fundamental element of inciting movement and action, and they’ve maintained their status since the entire beginning of life. They are in fact the reason we feel the feelings we feel, in life or business, and so in business, specifically marketing, whether digital or otherwise, it goes further than being just, a feeling, it turns into money.

So, we are confident that no business wants to miss out on using the most influential and useful marketing tool ever! We mean, ever! So that’s what we call excellent writing! Well, I’m sure some would like to argue, but here at The School of Marketing Digital and of course in many other wining businesses the latter it held above most else. See what we did there? Words…

The good news is that your struggle and or winging it as you’d like to call has come to its end day. Check out our tips below:

1 Plan, Plan and Plan
This is an essential element of excellent copy and the delivery thereof. So dedicate 50% of your time, to planning the context, and execution of your copywriting.

2 Know Your Audience
I mean, we all know it’s always best to address someone you know, and of course, the better you know them, the more genuine and easier it becomes. Moreover, you should always remember that writing is all about the reader; don’t get too crafty and confusing.

3 Your Draft & Edit Last
Drafting and crafting your digital content will take a bit of creativity, but it should be relatively easy given that you understand the content and tone your audience would appreciate and pay attention to, and that’s what most brands struggle with attaining. This should take up about 20% of your overall time project time. Leave the editing for later; it’s always best to start editing one your draft is complete.

4 What to Avoid
• When looking at the actual copy, try not to start your sentences with words like “there is “or “there are”, you should instead replace those with words with actual subjects. Phrasing is everything.
• Jargons are a big no. Although it may sound cool amongst industry peers; your audience will be completely isolated and lost. So give it that human and sociable undertone. Common social vocabulary is an exceptional go-to.
• Avoid writing in a passive voice, write in an active voice instead.
• You should also stay away from exclusionary words, and try to make use of neutral non-gender based job titles.
• Evade redundancy! How? Well, stay away from all redundant verb modifiers at your disposal.

5 The Do’s
• Give your writing enough energy. Remember verbs in wording equal energy. They are in actual fact, the pivot point of your sentences. However, don’t forget the old sayings “too much of anything is bad for you.
• Own your work. Say “I’m certain verses saying, I think” Write with confidence. Make recommendations.
• Use short words; the audience is bombarded with communication from millions of brands daily. So if you are looking at grabbing their attention, then you’d have to be quick.
• In terms of length, stick to using one-sentence paragraphs. Avoid being too wordy.
• Invest in an editor. It’s always good to involve the expert, and avoid turning into a “meme” South Africans know about this all too well. You don’t want to reduce you’re your brand into an online media laughing stock.

The primary focus of copywriting is simple.
• You need to know your audience
• Know how to split your time effectively
• Make it scannable, and most importantly know what to avoid