Humedica, Anceta announce the launch of Humedica MinedShare Ambulatory and Anceta CDW

Humedica, a next-generation clinical informatics company, and Anceta, the healthcare informatics subsidiary of the American Medical Group Association (AMGA), announced the launch of Humedica MinedShare™ Ambulatory as well as AMGA’s Anceta Collaborative Data Warehouse (CDW) at the AMGA 2010 Annual Conference, taking place now through March 20 in New Orleans.

Developed in partnership with Anceta and several pioneering AMGA member medical groups, Humedica MinedShare Ambulatory enables robust clinical, operational and financial benchmarking and comparative analytics to ensure quality, cost-effective patient care. Humedica MinedShare Ambulatory is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that applies sophisticated techniques to extract, aggregate and standardize health care data, all within a state-of-the-art, HIPAA-compliant and highly secure environment. By integrating clinical, financial and administrative data from disparate IT systems, Humedica’s solution generates a complete view of an organization’s patient population and provides advanced analytics to define appropriate patient cohorts, treatment pathways, outcomes and costs. The platform facilitates analyses of care patterns and outcomes to support evidence-based process improvements.

“Our solution unlocks and integrates vital clinical data that often reside in disparate systems and provides the information necessary to provide high-quality, cost-effective healthcare delivery—tenets that are at the heart of AMGA’s mission,” said Michael Weintraub, president and CEO of Humedica. “With Humedica’s platform and membership in the Anceta Collaborative Data Warehouse, medical groups can benchmark against comparable patient populations, collaborate to identify best practices, implement change and track and measure the impact of these changes.”

The Anceta CDW facilitates comparative analytics and benchmarking by bringing together participating AMGA medical groups. The Collaborative facilitates the development and sharing of best practices and performance improvement strategies by illuminating the relationship between processes of care, patient outcomes and associated costs. Ultimately, participating AMGA medical groups will be empowered with the data and knowledge to enhance quality, safety and cost-effectiveness.

During the conference, Humedica will also showcase early comparative results highlighting Type 2 Diabetes treatment practices and clinical outcomes across AMGA medical groups. Humedica MinedShare Ambulatory allows users to analyze specific population cohorts across multiple dimensions, including patient demographics, co-morbidities, lab values, treatments and standardized costs. For example, a medical group can assess their Type 2 diabetics across various parameters, including age, comorbid conditions, frequency of Emergency Department and ambulatory visits and medications prescribed, as well as clinical outcomes as measured by HbA1c and LDL levels and study how these patterns of care, outcomes and costs compare to other participating AMGA medical groups. Humedica applies advanced data visualization techniques to spotlight key trends and highlight areas of focus. These data are all presented through an intuitive user interface, enabling users to quickly learn and leverage this powerful application within their organization.

“The launch of this product and the Anceta Collaborative Data Warehouse marks the beginning of an important journey to compare care processes, patient outcomes and costs across medical groups, and to enhance the performance of AMGA members,” said Donald W. Fisher, Ph.D., CAE, president and CEO of AMGA and chairman of Anceta. “I’ve had the opportunity to ‘test-drive’ Humedica MinedShare Ambulatory and I am extremely impressed. It is the most elegant analytic product I’ve seen. I have no doubt that it will advance care delivery within AMGA member organizations.”