IMRIS and Brigham and Women’s Hospital announce purchase of IMRINSV and IMRIScardio


IMRIS Inc. and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, announced a comprehensive agreement in support of  BWH’s vision of bringing the most advanced multi-modality image guided therapy suite in the world to its facility in Boston, Massachusetts.

Under the terms of the agreement, IMRISNV and IMRIScardio, which were recently cleared by the FDA will be installed in BWH’s Advanced Multimodality Image Guided Operating (“AMIGO”) suite. AMIGO will combine the most advanced and complete image guidance capabilities in a single suite with the goal of delivering the best possible therapy to patients across a range of applications including neurological, neurovascular, oncological and cardiovascular disorders.

The fully integrated IMRIS system will include an MR diagnostic center and interventional theatre, incorporating a Siemens wide bore 3T MRI and single plane angiography system. The system will permit rapid and seamless transitions between MR imaging and intervention without transporting the patient between modalities. MR images can be taken before and during procedures to assess tissue health, and can also be used in conjunction with the fluoroscopic images during interventional procedures. On completion of the procedure, new images can be taken to evaluate the intervention.

The IMRIS system is the first in the world to allow the capabilities of both MRI and x-ray angiography in a single suite without the need to transport the patient between modalities. In addition, no other system offers the same degree of safety for both the patient and the surgical environment.