Indo-American Cancer Institute and Research Center treating cancer patients with Elekta Compact


The Indo-American Cancer Institute and Research Center is the first in India to treat cancer patients with Elekta Compact, Elekta’s robust, cost-effective linear accelerator for radiation therapy that addresses the cancer care needs of a wider population. The first patient treated on the system was a 52-year-old woman with breast cancer.

Mohana Vamsy, MS, Mch, is Director and Chief Surgical Oncologist at the Indo-American Cancer Institute. Our first conventional treatment with tangential fields took just eight minutes,” says Dr. Vamsy. “It is a very compact, user friendly machine.

In addition to Elekta Compact, the Institute is installing Elekta Synergy® Platform , a unique digital linear accelerator that is X-ray Volume Imaging (XVI)-ready. The Institute also utilizes Elekta Synergy® a digital linear accelerator featuring full 3D imaging at the time of treatment. It was the first clinical IMRT and IGRT system in India.

Peter J. Gaccione, Vice President Global Sales Initiatives for Elekta says, We are excited and honored to partner with the Indo-American Cancer Institute.  Elekta Compact has a much smaller footprint and its wide patient clearance and compact head mean better clinical efficiency and patient comfort. Patients receiving radical breast treatment, for instance, can raise both arms above their heads during treatment.