Industry-University Collab To Help Australia Health Sector


An alliance has taken place between nine universities as well as industry partners to address in a collective way the issues that have been encountered by the healthcare sector in Australia.

The RMIT-Cisco Health Transformation Lab happens to be leading the new National Industry Innovation Network- NIIN Health Alliance, which aims to identify, pilot, and also prototype technology-driven solutions that will go on to bring major changes when it comes to the Australian health sector.

As per Professor Vishaal Kishore, who happens to be the Executive Chair of the RMIT-Cisco Health Transformation Lab, tech as well as digitization happen to be crucial when it comes to addressing various health equity challenges. These also happen to play a great role when it comes to elevating resilience against internal as well as external threats, like pandemics and cyberattacks. Moreover, technology also helps to take care of the workforce effectively as well as enhance the healthcare sector as a whole.

Their collab with Cisco is ongoing and has already shown some transformative solutions being executed in the healthcare industry. It is well to be noted that the collaboration has laid the platform for reimagining how one can blend numerous advanced technology offerings so as to create intelligent healthcare spaces as well as environments.

Interestingly, the RMIT-Cisco collaboration has gone on to develop numerous solutions, like advanced prototyping studios that happen to have devices as well as sensors that are capable of detecting falls in aged care centers. They have also gone on to create technology that can track hazards and behavioral risks that too in real time. Beside this, a robotic dog has been designed so as to take care of manual tasks.

It is well to be noted that this partnership looks to speed up the development of technology-based solutions that can elevate the quality of the care provided to individuals and also the management of one of the largest workforces as well as information systems across the Asia-Pacific region.

Reg Johnson, who happens to be the director of education and strategic industries at Cisco, went on to express that the NIIN Health Alliance will go on to pave the way for a future that is driven by digital innovation. Apparently, this future will rely on workforce skills application and cutting-edge innovation in order to address important national and regional challenges.

Johnson went on to express that this bond strengthens their alliance and presents a unique option for industry-academic collaboration to make a major impact on a large scale.

Johnson added that they are indeed thrilled to make their relationship with RMIT more robust and collaborate on developing innovative solutions in order to address the pressing issues. Their objective is to have a positive impact on people’s lives and also improve the healthcare system.

It is well to be noted that the member universities of NIIN happen to include Flinders University, Curtin University, La Trobe University, Queensland University of Technology, as well as Canberra University. The solutions will go through prototyping and testing at numerous facilities, which also include the RMIT-CISCO Sandbox facility at the Health Transformation Lab and some other RMIT prototyping labs as well.

Notably, the RMIT-Cisco Health Transformation Lab was set up in 2018 with the idea of fostering innovation in the health sector. The lab goes on to partner closely with industry partners, health services, and the government to identify issues and thereby develop innovative solutions by way of using an amalgamation of new thinking along with digital technologies.