Integra Lifesciences announces first surgery with paramount pedicle screw system


Integra LifeSciences (Nasdaq:IART) announced today that the first surgery using Integra Spine's Paramount(R) Pedicle Screw System for minimally invasive spine surgery was performed by Dr. Andrew Parkinson, of Orthopedic Associates of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Dr. Parkinson said, The surgery went smoothly. My patient had degenerative disc disease in the L5-S1 disc space and I used the Paramount(R) Pedicle Screw System for minimally invasive spine surgery to provide secondary posterior fixation, after first placing my anterior PEEK device. The Paramount(R) system offers my patients a safe, effective minimally invasive procedure, with potentially less blood loss and less muscle trauma to the posterior musculature.

A unique feature of the Paramount(R) Pedicle Screw System is the rod delivery method, wherein the rod is already attached to the polyaxial head, helping to streamline the fusion procedure and reduce the number of operative steps for the surgeon. The system also features a novel compression/distraction system and a robust rod reduction system. Additionally, the advanced Paramount(R) screw delivery system uses a proprietary non-cannulated screw design with a K-wire guided tip for accurate screw placement and enhanced screw strength. "Bringing the Paramount(R) system back to market gives the surgical community a unique and innovative solution for screw and rod delivery," said Dr. Parkinson.

An estimated 450,000 thoraco-lumbar fusions were performed in the U.S. in 2009 to treat spinal disorders. Spine surgeons typically perform these procedures using highly invasive open techniques. The Paramount(R) system gives surgeons a minimally invasive option to place the pedicle screws through a percutaneous tube. Patient benefits may include faster procedures, reduced blood loss, less tissue trauma, reduced postoperative pain and a shorter hospital stay.