Iowa hospital to deploy Allscripts Sunrise to help improve patient outcomes


Shenandoah Medical Center, located in Shenandoah, Iowa, plans to install Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record (EHR) solutions as part of its efforts to improve the efficiency of the hospital system, manage patient populations and serve the healthcare needs of patients in south-west Iowa.
The hospital has chosen Allscripts' key products and services to provide a single EHR for emergency, inpatient and ambulatory care settings.
The Allscripts Sunrise suite, which includes Allscripts Sunrise Ambulatory Care, forms the core and foundation of the EHR for successful strategies for connected community, accountable care and population health.
Allscripts Sunrise integrates clinical and revenue cycle management across the campus and the community in one unified database.
It offers clinician-specific workflows that help drive adoption of clinical decision support which can lead to improved outcomes.
In addition to Allscripts Sunrise, Shenandoah Medical Center will also deploy Allscripts Sunrise Financial Manager, an integrated financial management solution that helps drive efficiencies, capture revenue and improve margins across the enterprise.
Allscripts Sunrise Financial Manager comprises tools that help organisations meet the challenges of constantly changing regulations and payment models.
Shenandoah Medical Center president and CEO Karen Cole said the mission of Shenandoah Medical Center is to make a difference by providing exceptional patient care.
"We believe the Allscripts Sunrise platform is the right, integrated solution to help our organisation meet the complex healthcare demands of an evolving patient population, and to improve outcomes and promote wellness in the communities we serve," Cole added.
Shenandoah Medical Center has also selected Allscripts to provide end-to-end application remote hosting services for acute, ambulatory and transactional applications.
Allscripts president and CEO Paul Black said the company is very pleased with its new relationship with Shenandoah Medical Center.
"Allscripts Sunrise's open, connected and integrated inpatient/outpatient/revenue cycle platform is an exceptional foundation to meet accountable care goals, realise population health strategies and deliver on care objectives that will drive positive outcomes for patients within Shenandoah's campus and throughout the greater south-west Iowa community," Black added.