Lazurite’s ArthroFree Wireless Camera System for Minimally Invasive Surgery Receives FDA Market Clearance


Lazurite announced that its ArthroFree™ System is now the first and only wireless camera system for minimally invasive surgery to receive U.S. FDA market clearance.

The ArthroFree™ System incorporates the company’s proprietary low-heat, high-intensity Meridiem™ light technology along with advanced camera, battery, and wireless transmission technologies. It is designed to deliver improved operating room productivity, patient safety, and economic value through cost-savings, energy efficiency, and reduced setup/breakdown times. The modular system also is designed to be drop-in compatible with patient data consoles, surgical displays and endoscopes found in minimally invasive operating rooms.

Visit the Lazurite CONTACT PAGE to request a demonstration/trial use or to purchase the ArthroFree™ System, which has received notable interest and accolades from prominent surgeons.

“I’ve had the opportunity to use the ArthroFree camera in the laboratory, and I’m absolutely amazed at the quality of the picture and the way the device feels in my hands,” said Mark Schickendantz, M.D., director of the Center for Sports Health at the Cleveland Clinic and since 1992 team physician for the Cleveland Guardians baseball team. “What’s incredible is to be able to use an arthroscope that doesn’t have the cumbersome cables. That is just absolutely incredible.”

“With ArthroFree, you have excellent quality images and simultaneously you have a clean, streamlined, uncluttered surgical field. It’s all built into the camera. When you pick it up and pop in the battery, it’s on. In a few years, I think, this is going to be the standard,” said University Hospitals Health System trauma surgeon Jeffrey Ustin, M.D.

“The ArthroFree™ System provides freedom of movement we’ve never had before,” saidLaith Jazrawi, M.D., Chief of Sports Medicine at NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital. “You don’t have to move cables around. The camera is lightweight and easy to handle. I can’t imagine a surgeon who wouldn’t want this.”

Eugene Malinskiy, Chief Executive Officer and cofounder of Lazurite, emphasized the company’s commitment to creating high value innovation in partnership with the medical community. “The idea for what is now the FDA-cleared ArthroFree System was born from the very real need to create a safer, more efficient operating room for the benefit of everyone involved—from patients to surgeons to OR teams to clinics and hospitals.”

Malinskiy and his team believe “that this truly is the beginning of the operating room of the future. The entire endoscopic market will benefit from our minimally invasive surgical equipment advancement going forward.”

Mark Froimson, M.D., Chair of the Board of Lazurite elaborated, “We are proud to have achieved this major milestone on our way to bringing operating rooms across the country into the wireless age. In the coming year, we will be introducing the ArthroFree System to thousands of healthcare professionals at conferences, in demos, through distributors and group purchasing channels, and through partnerships with leading medical centers.”