Malaysian Township Project To Fuse Healthcare And Wellness


The inaugural purpose-built township project in Southeast Asia, KL Wellness City (KLWC), that aims to foster a lifestyle seamlessly integrated with healthcare and wellness, was formally inaugurated on June 1st. The ceremony took place at the KL Wellness City Gallery in Bukit Jalil and was officiated by Malaysia’s Minister of Health, YB Dr Zaliha Mustafa.

Spanning over 26.49 acres and valued at RM11 billion, this development is designed to foster a lifestyle that seamlessly integrates healthcare and wellness. The Nobel Healthcare Park, the KL International Hospital (KLIH), innovation laboratories, clinical research and development facilities, office towers, retirement resorts, a Healthcare Hub, wellness-centric serviced apartments, a Central Park, and more are at its core. Phase 1 of KLWC is underway, focusing on constructing the KLIH and The Nobel Healthcare Park, set to open in 2026.

As a trailblazer in Southeast Asia, KLWC will significantly contribute to Malaysia’s reputation as a leading medical travel destination and an all-encompassing haven for healthy living, catering to both local and international travelers. KLWC believes in collaboration to advance healthcare and wellness.

Backed by several top government agencies in Malaysia, KLIH within KLWC will receive an initial investment of RM860 million, creating more than 3,000 job opportunities in the field. Furthermore, numerous other medical facilities are planned for advancement within KLWC.