MD Pathways and TIPAAA forms a five-year partnership

MD Pathways, LLC announced a five-year partnership with The IPA Association of America (TIPAAA), the nation’s largest independent physicians association with over 700 IPA members representing more than 300,000 MDs nationwide.

The partnership agreement calls for career site management by MD Pathways and to serve as a communications platform for physicians and groups that will lead to more educated decision-making and comprehensive information collection.

“When I received a call from MD Pathways Chief Networking Officer Jay Long,” said Al Holloway, president and CEO of TIPAAA,

“I knew right away this is how TIPAAA’s members would want to evaluate practice opportunities and recruit for their own staff. This allows the physicians to find each other with better alignment and without departing from the healthcare community network.”

MD Pathways provides physicians access to an active online platform, delivering authentic practice opportunity information while bypassing static marketing messages and time-consuming recruitment calls. This revolutionary approach allows the candidate to anonymously view aspects of a practice, hospital and community, all within a private network and on their own time.

“We are excited about the partnership between MD Pathways and TIPAAA,” Pathways’ CEO Danny Gutknecht says. “TIPAAA’s 20-year dedication to the physician community is unmatched. This partnership will give physicians cost-effective ways to grow their practice staff and provide information to support vocational decision-making.”