Medallia Zingle achieved HIPAA compliance for the healthcare and life sciences industries


Medallia, Inc., the global leader in experience management, announced that Medallia Zingle has achieved HIPAA compliance for the healthcare and life sciences industries. With Zingle’s mobile-messaging platform, pharmaceutical and medical device companies and healthcare payers and providers can engage in live-time, patient, member and employee experiences allowing them to minimize patient friction, simplify staff workflows and create a scalable approach to personalized patient communication.

Medallia Zingle now enables pharmaceutical companies to more easily communicate with individual patients about prescriptions, or quickly reach segments of their customers with important information. Providers have the ability to engage in two-way conversation with members or automate replies to common questions via SMS texting and popular messaging apps instead of more costly channels. Payers can proactively address issues with chronic condition populations before they become critical.

“There is no better time than the present to engage in contactless communications with patients, employees and members. Hesitation around in-person office visits is creating a boom in telehealth, and call centers are operating at an all time high. The ability to connect contactless, in real-time, about billing questions, prescriptions, clinical trials, symptoms, appointment or hospital check-ins and stays are of tremendous value right now,” said Ford Blakely, senior vice president and general manager of Medallia Zingle.

As employee experience plays an important role in optimizing patient and member experiences, Medallia Zingle improves staff recruitment, onboarding and communication with physicians and staff about company events and announcements from human resources departments in place of traditional, and often unread emails. Pharmaceutical and medical device companies can engage directly with patients and healthcare providers to ensure patients are getting access to therapies and have a direct line to drug manufacturers.