Monoclonal Antibodies Result In COVID-19 Hospitalisation Dip


A study has gone on to find that monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) decreased the risk of hospitalisation or even death by 39% if given within two days to people who are tested positive for COVID-19.

The research compared the patients who were administered this treatment to those who were eligible but did not receive it. Notably, the immunocompromised patients got to experience a further reduced risk, as per the researchers. The risk infection level was determined at a period of 28 days.

The researchers from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre, under the trial, evaluated around 2571 patients who got treated with monoclonal antibodies. The details of these patients were then matched with the data from 5131 eligible COVID-19 patients who did not get the treatment. Notably, single-dose intravenous mAb treatment doses were administered with either sotrovimab, bamlanivavimab, bebtelovimab, bamlanivimab-etesevimab, intravenous, or imdevimab. The inferences pointed to the total risk when it came to hospitalisation or death at 28 days, which stood at 4.6% in the patients who were treated as compared to 7.6% in non-treated and controlled patients.

It is well to note that between 2020 and 2022, the US FDA granted emergency use authorization (EUA) to five varied COVID-19 monoclonal antibody treatments. All these treatments ultimately showed a reduction in COVID-19 viral load. Subsequently, they also showed their ability to decrease hospitalisation and death rates in some of the at-risk patients as well.

These authorised treatments somehow have either been suspended or revoked by the FDA ever since, because of the in vitro evidence that involves loss of efficacy surrounding novel COVID-19 variants. That said, this action was taken without the availability of any randomised trial or even any real-world data.

In the current study, the growing real-world efficacy of an early mAb treatment was determined for outpatients suffering from COVID-19 who were treated for almost 2 years. As per the authors, the results indicate that all across the pandemic, early treatment using monoclonal antibodies significantly lowered the severity of COVID-19. These findings are indeed very important since, as of date, there aren’t any FDA-approved monoclonal antibody treatments when it comes to COVID-19 outpatients, the authors emphasise.