Neusoft Medical Systems releases NeuViz 128 CT for Global Markets


Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd. officially launched the NeuViz 128 CT for the global markets, and the new products are being exported to South Asia, North Africa and other international markets. Neusoft Medical Systems' CE certified NeuViz 128 CT combines the leading-edge technologies and innovations to create super-fine and low dose images, which can provide more accurate diagnostic information. The NeuViz 128 CT has become China's first 128-slice CT being exported to the international markets with independent intellectual property rights, and its launch demonstrates the company's determination to explore the global high-end CT markets.
Neusoft Medical Systems successfully developed China's first CT prototype in 1994, and made it industrialized in 1998, which made China the world's 5th largest CT machine manufacturer and exporter, following the United States, Japan, Germany and the Netherlands. Now, Neusoft Medical Systems' wide range of products have been sold to more than 100 countries and regions, serving over 9,000 healthcare institutions worldwide.
Mr. Jiang Genmiao, Vice President of Neusoft Corporation and President of Neusoft Medical Systems said at the launch ceremony, "As a medical equipment provider, Neusoft Medical Systems set software technology as our core. We have been committed to software and product engineering innovation, and continuously contributing to China's CT industry in the past years. Looking forward, we will make great efforts in innovation and operational excellence, and offer high-quality medical products and services to more people in the world."