New software eases coronavirus testing burden for health organization


Experts say, the rate of testing for coronavirus needs to increase rapidly, at a proposed increase of 200%, if we hope to safely end stay-at-home orders and open up the economy. In the efforts to ramp up, chaos and disorganization are hitting testing sites from Kentucky to LA to Hard Rock Stadium. Nationwide, hundreds of individuals per testing site are spending hours in line, without guarantee, for a limited number of available tests.

Who’s affected: These bottlenecks can be excruciating for those who need to be tested the most, primarily the sick and elderly. Healthcare workers are utilizing personnel and resources to organize this chaos, who could otherwise be focusing their efforts on caring for patients.

Solution: Technology company Skedulo has developed the first widespread tool, free of charge, for COVID-19 testing centers to schedule and organize testing, ending long patient queues and overbooking. Though the concept and technology isn’t revolutionary, it’s exactly what’s needed to make an immediate difference.

The “Capacity-Based Appointment Booking” software application is a management system for organizations who are running multi-site COVID-19 testing centers, including drive-through testing facilities. It will be available to any facility on the Salesforce marketplace to help efficiently manage testing requests, have visibility into booking vs capacity as well as triage appointments. It allows the public to search for available scheduling sites, book appointments in advance, and go through a contactless check in.