Nucletron showcases 5 innovations in cancer treatment at ESTRO

Nucletron, a leading provider of state-of-the-art radiotherapy solutions for cancer treatment will feature five new innovations at the ESTRO Anniversary Congress, May 8-11 in London, all designed to meet the growing interest and need to more effectively treat a wide variety of cancers.  In addition, as one of the first industry partners with the organization, Nucletron will be celebrating its long collaboration with ESTRO on its 30th anniversary.

Jos Lamers, CEO of Nucletron said, 2011 is the Year of Radiotherapy in the UK, and there is no better location than London for ESTRO to hold this year’s meeting and commemorate its 30th anniversary. Nucletron is proud of our long term partnership with ESTRO, and we’re looking forward to working with the organization and its members to further advance the important role of radiotherapy, in particular brachytherapy, in the multimodality treatment of cancer. Our commitment to product innovation, professional education, and raising awareness of the benefits of brachytherapy – all aimed at ensuring patient access to quality cancer care – will highlight Nucletron’s presence at this year’s meeting,” he added.

Nucletron will feature five innovative products and solutions at this year’s meeting, all of which were developed with the needs of the modern radiotherapy department for speed, efficiency, accuracy and quality in mind. Awareness of brachytherapy will also receive special attention, with the presentation of a range of awa\reness and educational materials.