NuPhysicia’s technology solutions provide distinctive medical service


When Healthcare Writer Milt Freudenheim sought real patient care experience in the emerging world of telemedicine for a recent feature article in the New York Times’ Sunday Business section, he turned to NuPhysicia, the nation’s most experienced video telemedicine services company.

In the article, readers are introduced to Mr. Charlie Martin, a crane operator on an oil rig in the South China Sea, and to the technology of telemedicine. Martin, who was on a rig served by InPlace Medical Solutions, a NuPhysicia brand, connected to physicians in Houston via medical video link for help with lower back pain. For more on Martin, NuPhysicia and the complete story, go to the New York Times website.

According to NuPhysicia executives, who were also featured in the piece, the article’s coverage of the telemedicine industry as a whole was one of the most comprehensive they have ever seen.

"It was a tremendous honor to have our programs featured in the New York Times," said Dr. Glenn Hammack, president and CEO of NuPhysicia. "Milt did an excellent job communicating the high end and low end approaches in the marketplace, as well as how we at NuPhysicia, are working the balance between technology cost and providing a vital, distinctive medical service."

InPlace Medical Solutions™ serves the offshore and remote energy industry, providing highly trained medics, physician examinations and oversight, advanced equipment, medical-quality videoconferencing, an electronic medical record (EMR) system, and an enhanced medications inventory. Services are delivered securely through a location’s Internet capability. Available worldwide, InPlace Medical Solutions™ better manages offshore workforce health and lowers transportation risks and expenses. Offshore oil operators and drilling contractors benefit from reduced operating costs and higher workforce productivity.

Using the same secure, high-quality two-way video and medical exam tools, Medicine At Work™ provides a full range of contracted physician services to an employer’s workforce, bringing health care improvements and medical cost controls. Medicine At Work™ delivers complete workplace clinic care to a wider range of employers than traditional workplace clinics.