NuvoAir Respiratory Platform Shows Promise for Long-Term Remote Monitoring of Asthma


Three new studies show how home monitoring technology – developed by leading digital health company NuvoAir – can be successfully used by both adults and children living with asthma. These findings pave the way for improved treatment and management opportunities for people with asthma.

The studies presented at the American Thoracic Society 2021 International Conference demonstrate how patients with asthma are able to produce high-quality lung function test results when using the NuvoAir Home platform. Patients also showed high adherence to home monitoring using the platform with impressive levels of satisfaction reported.

Asthma presents a considerable burden to patients, healthcare and society at large. Missed diagnosis, incorrect treatment and poor self-management of asthma contribute to an estimated $81.9 billion cost to society a year in the U.S., and £6.2 billion a year in the UK. While self-management is considered key to controlling asthma and staying out of the hospital, manual self-monitoring with written diaries is not popular with patients.

NuvoAir provides a human-led digital care management platform that allows people with respiratory conditions to monitor their condition from home and share results in real-time with their healthcare providers and NuvoAir Care Coordinators. The platform offers a patient app with connected devices, self-management content, care coordination services, and a healthcare provider portal. The provider portal enables healthcare teams to monitor patient data remotely and identify worsening respiratory health in real-time so that rapid interventions can be made. Connected devices include a Bluetooth-enabled spirometer to remotely monitor lung function; a sensor that attaches to asthma and COPD inhalers to monitor adherence and technique; a nighttime cough monitoring app and an activity tracker.

About NuvoAir

With offices in Boston, MA, and Stockholm, Sweden, NuvoAir is a leading digital health company for chronic disease management and decentralized clinical trials that recently landed $12M in Series A funding to expand its platform and reach. The NuvoAir Home platform blends connected devices with high-touch care coordination services to enable patients and their providers to proactively manage chronic conditions, resulting in better outcomes and lower costs. NuvoAir Home currently supports thousands of patients worldwide with COPD, asthma, cystic fibrosis, IPF, ALS, and muscular dystrophy. NuvoAir’s decentralized clinical trial solution has been used in over 30 studies globally across all phases of drug development.