Olive Health Technology and bluum Enter Strategic Partnership to Augment Mental Health Services


Olive Health Technology has collaborated with blüüm, an integrated health platform, to launch Ollie, an AI solution inspired by talk therapy to make mental health-related self-care more accessible for today’s fast-paced, stressful lifestyle. The fully automated conversational chatbot is backed by principles of clinical psychology, behavioral science, and neuroscience.

Mental health issues are on the rise, especially among many employees who have been forced to work from home and are feeling isolated or experiencing Covid-19-induced burnout. Olive Health Technology and blüüm aim to address this major public health concern with Ollie, a personal robot friend that provides in-the-moment emotional support and guides users through a series of wellness strategies that fits their personal needs.

“While Ollie is not a medical product, we expect to see a 30% reduction in anxiety and depression after two weeks of use. We’re excited to partner with one of the most innovative insurtech companies to help people manage their health holistically,” said Wenjue Wu, Founder of Olive Health Technology.

“The pandemic has a significant impact on the mental well-being of people in Hong Kong. At blüüm, we believe in the importance of holistic health, and it is our priority to offer all-round care for the community to satisfy their different health needs. Our partnership with Olive Health Technology enables us to offer more accessible and regular mental health support,” said Ying Wu, CEO of blüüm.

blüüm is offering this anonymous mental health service for people to voice their feelings around work and life as well as to build a long-term relationship over time. Ollie is now available via blüüm’s Facebook page.

About blüüm

Established in 2020, blüüm is an augmented health platform that provides innovative insurance and medical solutions to help users live their life to the fullest. It works closely with its strategic insurtech partner, The CareVoice, and top-tier insurance companies to provide user-centric and diversified health insurance solutions. With the creative use of technology and an inventive approach to health management, blüüm eliminates the pain points of the traditional insurance industry and provides a seamless healthcare experience to every user.