ONQ Enters Agreement to Use Aideo Technologies AI-Powered Medical Coding Tool


Aidéo Technologies – a leader in AI-enabled automation technology for the healthcare industry announced that ONQ will use and re-sell the company’s auto-coding tool Gemini AutoCode™ to automate Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) for healthcare providers nationwide.

Surpassing traditional Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) tools, Gemini AutoCode™ delivers a People Assisted Coding (PAC) solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to continuously improve with each interaction and assign the correct codes without human intervention. Designed to provide production coding using technology, Gemini AutoCode™ easily integrates with electronic medical records and can accurately interpret and code more than 40,000 clinical encounters per hour.

“We’re committed to helping the healthcare industry through digital innovation, and Aidéo Technologies helps us deliver the most powerful solutions to providers,” said Jack McBride, CEO of ONQ. “Aidéo’s team has expertise in AI and a deep understanding of RCM; we are looking forward to making the most of this partnership.”

Gemini AutoCode™ uses AI, a proprietary Natural Language Processing engine and machine learning to interpret structured and unstructured clinical data, so unlike CAC solutions, Aidéo Technologies’ software application assigns the appropriate procedure and diagnosis codes based on free-form notes with accuracy that matches or exceeds human coders.

“Gemini AutoCode™ delivers measurable impact with seamless integration into any practice, so it’s a wonderful tool for ONQ’s clients,” said Rob Gontarek, President and CEO of Aidéo Technologies. “Our technology pairs well with theirs, and the results promise to be revolutionary for the healthcare billing industry.”

About Aidéo Technologies Aidéo Technologies (www.aideo-tech.com) provides software automation tools using artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning to the healthcare industry. Established in 2009, the company has development centers in West Palm Beach, Fla., and Silicon Valley.

About ONQ: One of the fastest-growing businesses in the healthcare billing support industry, ONQ  provides automation solutions, global labor outsourcing and patient call center services from its facilities in Santiago, Panama.