Piedmont Healthcare and Henry Medical Center Explore Affiliation


Piedmont Healthcare and Henry Medical Center have signed a confidentiality agreement to discuss and explore the possibility of an affiliation between the two organizations, the nature of which is undefined at this time. Both organizations seek long-term sustainability in the changing marketplace.  At this time, any additional detail regarding the definition of the possible affiliation would be premature and prohibited by the agreement.

Charles F. Scott, president and CEO of Henry Medical Center, stated, “We are not talking about the sale of Henry Medical Center. However, we see many benefits to working with Piedmont.  As we consider healthcare developments locally, the potential future impact of healthcare reform, and other changes at the state and federal levels, we realize it would be highly beneficial to align with a strong, highly regarded regional healthcare system.” 

“Piedmont Healthcare has a successful business model that is committed to serving the needs of communities,” said R. Timothy Stack, president and CEO of Piedmont Healthcare. “We welcome the opportunity to share our ideas with the leadership of Henry Medical Center and learning from them as well.”

Gregory A. Hurst, executive vice president and chief operating officer for Piedmont Healthcare, added, “Piedmont is excited about the potential to develop a relationship with Henry Medical Center. We look forward to exploring this relationship for the benefit of the patients and communities we serve.”