Positron Sees Cardiac PET as the Future of Nuclear Cardiology


Positron Corporation a molecular imaging solutions company focused on Nuclear Cardiology, expects the evolution fromcardiac SPECT to cardiac PET imaging will be greatly accelerated with the recent changes in reimbursement from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) set for 2010.

Joseph Oliverio, Chief Technology Officer of Positron Corporation stated, An elevated concern over existing Molybdenum shortages, patient radiation exposure, and increased PET reimbursement combined with cuts for SPECT imaging has resulted in industry experts designating Cardiac PET as the immediate future of Nuclear Cardiology.” Mr. Oliverio also went on to state, “Positron’s Attrius, which is optimized for Cardiac PET imaging, is the ideal solution for Cardiologists looking to add new technology to their practice. Positron’s PET scanner, with its robust software package, will help physicians provide a more accurate diagnosis for patients, a reduction of unnecessary downstream procedures and a very attractive economic alternative to SPECT. Additionally, there are new PET myocardial perfusion agents in clinical phase III trials and more than three other Cardiovascular PET specific radiopharmaceuticals in clinical phase I & II, which will quickly drive demand for Positron’s Attrius Cardiac PET system, the only new PET only device available.