QHIN Application Nod – Big Step For CommonWell Health Bloc


Xavier Becerra, the secretary for the US Department of Health and Human Services, has gone on to recognise the CommonWell Health Alliance in terms of its application approval to potentially become a qualified health information network- QHIN which will help in making up the trusted exchange framework and common agreement.

Executive Director of the CommonWell Health Alliance, Paul L. Wilder, said that they are proud to be moving on to the next onboarding step in order to become a designated qualified health information network. According to him, CommonWell’s current networking capabilities happen to be well-positioned to support the technical aims of TECFA and also the entire industry. He added that they do congratulate all the other QHIN prospects and also look forward to joining hands with them, the recognised coordinating entity, as well as ONC, to touch those objectives and continue enhancing health data transfer when it comes to the entire country.

It is well to be noted that TECFA has in it a common set of principles as well as terms and conditions to aid in the development of a common agreement that will take the countrywide agreement on electronic health information to another level. The accomplishment of TECFA will depend in parts on the joining of the health information network that happen to be well established.

CommonWell is indeed in a great position to qualify as a QHIN, as it has not only built but also scaled an existing nationwide health data exchange network by utilising a record locator service. As of today, the network shares around 30 million docs every week and serves more than 34,000 healthcare setups, besides including around 200 million unique individuals.

According to Nick Knowlton, who is the chairman of the BoD for the CommonWell Health Alliance, as someone who has been with CommonWell since its inception, he is indeed proud of the network that the members have gone on to build and is indeed excited about the next journey stage. He adds that TECFA happens to be the interoperability future, and they look forward to making sure of its success for patients’ greater good, caregivers, and the healthcare industry in general.