Qure4u Collaborates with AWS to Quickly Scale Digital Health Solutions


Qure4u, the industry leader in patient engagement and virtual care, announces substantial growth in digital health utilization among healthcare provider customers through its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s leading cloud.

Acting early and decisively, Qure4u began working with AWS to enable the company to quickly scale offerings in response to increased provider demand for resources to support virtual patient engagement throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, Qure4u and its customers saw significant growth in the use of Qure4u’s Digital Health Key™ resources throughout 2020, including:

  • 14,000% growth in new patient registrations
  • 4,000% growth in online appointment scheduling
  • 1,150% month-over-month growth in telehealth use

Qure4u’s Digital Health Key, a holistic patient engagement platform that supports contactless “digital front door” capability, positions health systems for greater agility than was typical prior to COVID-19. AWS’s proven global infrastructure and vast portfolio of cloud services is helping Qure4u drive innovation and scale its solutions to play a significant role in digital healthcare adoption. Recent milestones include:

  • Execution of an emergency rollout of telehealth solutions to 2,875 care providers serving 5.7 million patients near the advent of the pandemic in March of 2020
  • Launch of Qure4u DriveUp™, a solution for drive-thru COVID-19 testing and vaccination designed to keep care providers and patients safe
  • Development and execution of an online, mass vaccine self-scheduling portal, resulting in the successful hosting of several mass, arena-based COVID-19 vaccination events

To support this provider growth during the early months of the pandemic, Qure4u worked 24/7 in shifts bringing telehealth deployments live within 24 to 48 hours so customers could provide essential care to patients without disruption. As a result, overburdened providers have become more efficient with a significant reduction in administrative work.

“2020 and the onset of COVID-19 forced Marathon Health to respond quickly and pivot our Patient Care Model. Our partnership with Qure4u and the assistance of their rapid deployment teams enabled us to move from predominantly in-person visits to more than 80% virtual in the span of a week,” said Marathon Health Chief Information Officer Sherry Slick. “Qure4u was there as a responsive partner to quickly enable us to move to Virtual and has been great to work with as we’ve continued to iterate and expand our Virtual offerings.”

“Qure4u’s technology is a core driver of value, not merely a support function,” said Qure4u Founder and CEO Monica Bolbjerg, MD. “With clarity of purpose and tight focus, we continue our push to serve healthcare providers with scalable solutions that can be implemented quickly to streamline operations while keeping staff and patients safe. This has been particularly vital to our customers serving on the frontline of the COVID-19 response. Collaboration with AWS has been essential to our mission.”

“AWS is proud to work with Qure4u to support the needs of healthcare providers grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic. From Independent Practices to Hospitals and Health Systems, Qure4u is using AWS to put data at the heart of patient care,” said Shez Partovi, MD, Director of Worldwide Business Development for Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Genomics at AWS. “We look forward to working with Qure4u to help develop new ways to deliver contactless care and empower patients to facilitate their care journey.”

About Marathon Health
Marathon Health is lighting the way to better health, for everyone. They partner with employers around the United States to provide a modern approach to healthcare that truly meets employees’ needs while saving money. Marathon does this through a combination of onsite, near site and network solutions that integrate the best practices of advanced primary care, analysis and assessment, coaching and advocacy, behavioral health, occupational health, physical therapy, and chronic condition management. Marathon Health was named Best in KLAS 2021 for its excellence in Worksite Health Services.

About Qure4u
Qure4u’s holistic patient engagement platform and contactless “digital front door” offers patients and providers a scalable, EHR-embedded platform that supports the entire patient care journey. Remote check-in, Virtual Waiting Room™, Digital Health Key™, Qure4u DriveUp™, data sharing, telehealth, pre- and post-procedure prep, remote patient monitoring, secure communication, and care plan features close the gap for patients and providers between office visits. By enabling patients with self-service tools to manage their health from anywhere, Qure4u drives practice efficiency and enhances clinical insight. The company’s solutions improve patient engagement, outcomes, and satisfaction.