Rapid Medical Receives Approval for World’s Only Adjustable Thrombectomy Device in China


Rapid Medical has received approval from the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) in China for its TIGERTRIEVER revascularization device.

TIGERTRIEVER becomes the first device capable of providing personalised solutions for removing blood clots from the brain, marking a significant advancement in the treatment of ischaemic stroke

This new approval of TIGERTRIEVER advances the treatment of ischaemic stroke patients in China. TIGERTRIEVER offers doctors a new range of neurological treatment devices to benefit more patients.

TIGERTRIEVER, with aerospace-inspired technology, offers precise control in mechanical thrombectomy. This unique technology shifts the procedure from a passive to an active approach, improving clot capture speed and potentially lowering the risk of vascular injury during removal. In contrast, leading stent retrievers are self-expanding and static, which can result in suboptimal clot removal and minimal vessel protection.

The successful introduction of the TIGERTRIEVER in China signifies a remarkable breakthrough in stroke intervention. This innovative device introduces the concept of customised thrombectomy through the use of an adjustable stent retriever, providing physicians with enhanced control to navigate procedures and effectively address unexpected challenges in real-world clinical settings.