Reha Technology AG: Knee Brace for More Safety and Support

Intensive development
Reha Technology produces and sells the most advanced robot-assisted devices for neurorehabilitation worldwide and worked intensively on the development of a knee brace in recent months; an additional module for the G-EO System(TM), which is to make the therapy unit for patients with little knee control more efficient, and for the therapist less exhausting.
Patient as the focus
With end-effector devices such as the G-EO System of Reha Technology AG, patients with little or non-existent control of their lower extremities tend to set themselves into the sling. As a consequence, they no longer correctly complete the physiological sequence of movements that is essential for the therapy. Up to now the therapist took over the supporting function of guiding the knees. With the use of the knee brace, the therapist can now concentrate on the therapy or on the needs of the patient even for severe patient cases, and support and motivate them more.
Applicability and installation
The knee brace was especially developed for SCI patients (spinal cord injury). It is used when walking on a level floor and can be retrofitted for every version of the G-EO System. The knee brace is simple to install and can be adjusted to the respective patient within a very short time.
Trade fairs and exhibitions
Reha Technology AG will introduce the knee brace to the world market at MEDICA 2012 from 14 to 17 November in Dusseldorf (stand:5L39) as well as at the AAPM&R 2012 from 16 to 17 November in Atlanta (stand:820). Reha Technology AG will be happy to welcome you at the upcoming trade fairs and inform you about the expanded product portfolio.