Relay Medical and Fio Corp Announce Delivery of First Fionet COVID-19 Workflow Software to Healthcare Clinics in Kenya


Relay Medical Corp. announce the delivery of the first Fionet COVID-19 workflow software for the Meru County Ministry of Health which operates a network of approximately 140 community-based healthcare clinics in Meru County, Kenya.

Relay and Fio previously announced a joint venture on August 19, 2020 to rapidly launch and deploy a new mobile COVID-19 testing and tracking platform specifically developed for community-based settings. The JV operates under the name “Fionet Rapid Response Group” (FRR) and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

With the delivery of the Fionet workflow software, called Patient Manager, Meru will begin deploying Fionet across its network of healthcare clinics in Meru County. Patient Manager incorporates the Kenya COVID-19 National Protocol and consists of five modules that link the patient journey throughout community-based healthcare facilities. These five modules consist of Registration, Triage, Consultation, Lab, and Pharmacy, enabling Meru to seamlessly coordinate patient care throughout the entire healthcare ecosystem and adhere to the mandatory national COVID-19 protocol.

“Kenya is a leader in Africa, and Meru County is a leader in innovative mobile healthcare solutions in Kenya. We’re looking forward to Fionet being deployed across Meru and replicated elsewhere not only in Kenya, but also across Africa and other parts of the world including North America and Europe,” says Dr Michael Greenberg, CEO of FRR and of Fio Corporation.

“This technological innovation is transformative in extending the reach of high-quality healthcare into the community. With COVID-19 upon us, this is now more important than ever,” says Dr. Stephen Kinoti, a Kenyan physician living in Washington, DC, who was the founding Director of the Kenya Medical Research Institute ( and advisor to WHO. Dr Kinoti oversaw this project between Fio Corporation and the Meru County Ministry of Health.

As the Patient Manager modules were being developed, the Fionet Platform was already being utilized by Meru County Ministry of Health in community-based clinics, where Fionet served 45,000 patients.

“With this technological milestone accomplished, now being deployed in Meru community-based healthcare facilities, we have our first installation of COVID-19-based software,” said Yoav Raiter, CEO, Relay Medical Corp.

About Fio Corporation

Fio Corporation, privately held and headquartered in Toronto, developed and markets the world’s first integrated guidance & tracking IT platform for decentralized healthcare settings, a new category of solution that raises healthcare quality and lowers healthcare costs. The platform enables average healthcare workers in clinics to deliver a new level of quality-controlled diagnostic testing and case management. Simultaneously, as an automated by-product of its clinical use, the platform captures and provides unprecedented frontline data to remote supervisors and stakeholders, enabling real-time remote tracking, insight distribution, and intervention. Fio operates globally in partnership with local distribution, service, and support organizations and also partners with other companies that license its technologies.

About Relay Medical Corp.

Relay Medical is a MedTech innovation Company headquartered in Toronto, Canada focused on the development of novel technologies in the diagnostics and AI data science sectors.