Salina Regional Health Enterprises and Competitive Business Solutions Announce a Partnership to Deliver Lean 6 Sigma to Healthcare


Salina Regional Health Enterprises of Kansas, a subsidiary of Salina Regional Health Center and Competitive Business Solutions Competitive Business Solutions (CBS) of New Jersey proudly announce a partnership to deliver Lean 6 Sigma training to health-care entities. This partnership creates an unprecedented combination of leaders in the health-care industry and Lean 6 Sigma services.

This partnership is a result of each party’s passion for improving medical services while continuing to increase affordability within the health-care industry. Joel Phelps, Chief Executive Officer of SRHE, indicated, “Salina Regional Health Enterprise has always had the desire to help other organizations that face similar challenges. This partnership will allow our team to expand our reach and help other health systems improve performance.” Phelps also expressed that while the savings provided by their efforts is meaningful, “the improved service, quality and patient outcomes are really what it is all about.” Likewise, Ed Hoffman, Founder and President of CBS, affirmed, “CBS is extremely excited to partner with Salina Regional Health Enterprises. This partnership gives health organizations the best of SRHE’s proven training approach complemented by our ability to help organizations apply the training to attain significant results.” Hoffman further shared that assisting health organizations “has always been a personal passion of mine. You can’t have a more profound impact as a consultant than improving healthcare.”

The initial service offerings include training and site application to support the concepts learned. The current courses are virtual, allowing participants to learn at their convenience both in time and location. Current course offerings include Lean 6 Sigma Yellow, Green and Black Belt classes. Additionally, SRHE and CBS can both customize the trainings and develop an implementation process designed to meet the needs of each hospital or health system. The Lean 6 Sigma classes are interactive with a blend of lecture and application to reinforce the materials presented.

Collectively, SRHE and CBS’s over 60 core team members have been delivering Lean 6 Sigma training and services to industry and health care organizations for over 20 years. These services have yielded hundreds of millions of dollars in savings and created a force of over 1,500 trained associates in the SRHE health-care network alone.

Salina Regional Health Center
Salina Regional Health Center Enterprises (SRHE) is a full-service acute care hospital licensed for 373 beds. It has almost 2,000 employees and a medical staff of 127 physicians, of which 67 physicians are employed by the hospital. The hospital has invested millions to hire the most capable medical professionals and acquire the most advanced technologies and treatments, all supporting their many comprehensive medical specialties and clinics. Salina Regional Health Center designates its geographic service area as a 28-county region located in north central Kansas. About 40 percent of Salina Regional Health Center’s patients come from outside of Saline County, helping the hospital to live up to the “region” in its name. Through affiliations with clinics and medical facilities in Salina and the surrounding communities, Salina Regional Health Center works to provide excellent medical care to the region.

Competitive Business Solutions
CBS was founded over 20 years ago to provide proven, cost-effective solutions to organizations seeking to improve performance. CBS works with clients throughout the total product and service life cycle—from definition of need through strategy, planning and execution—turning teamwork, flexibility, visibility and speed into powerful tools to deliver the required results.

With a core team of over 60 consultants, CBS prides itself on fielding a highly experienced team who has delivered our clients hundreds of millions in annualized savings along with significantly improved quality and processes. Through effective use of training, projects and events, CBS quickly gains buy-in from all levels of associates.