SCORR Marketing and the Conference Forum to Collaborate on CRAACO Conference


SCORR Marketing, the leading full-service marketing and communications firm in the health science industry, and the Conference Forum, the leading presenter of strategic-level life science conferences, will collaborate on the 2020 Clinical Research as a Care Option (CRAACO) conference. The Conference Forum will include key initiatives and thought leaders from the Bridging Clinical Research & Clinical Health Care Collaborative at its CRAACO conference.

“We started the Bridging Collaborative in 2018 to bring all stakeholders together to address the gap between clinical research and health care,” said Cinda Orr, CEO at SCORR. “Moving these discussions to CRAACO means the momentum of the Bridging Collaborative will continue as we persist in exploring ways to put patients at the center of research and care.”

Although the Bridging Collaborative is changing, its key areas of focus will continue to be discussed through the CRAACO conference.

“While CRAACO approaches clinical research as a care option from a different viewpoint, we expect this collaboration will make our event stronger by bringing more voices to the conversation,” said Valerie Bowling, executive director of the Conference Forum. “This enhances our ability to facilitate meaningful discussions that ultimately benefit patients.”

CRAACO will be April 27–28, 2020, in Raleigh-Durham, N.C. SCORR will be the event’s lead media sponsor, and SCORR Vice President of Communications Roger Boutin will serve on CRAACO’s advisory board. 

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About the Conference Forum
The Conference Forum is a life science industry research firm that develops conferences primarily around how to get therapeutics to patients faster. The Conference Forum examines and challenges the complex ecosystem of drug development and delivery, bringing ideas together from a variety of sources to help advance clinical research with common goals that are patient-focused.