Solidarity HealthShare and Cancer Treatment Centers of America Announce Partnership to Offer Cost-Effective Cancer Care


Solidarity HealthShare (SHS), a non-profit, affordable, ethical healthcare sharing ministry alternative to traditional health insurance has partnered with Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) to provide its members access to world-class affordable cancer care.

“The addition of CTCA as a preferred Oncology Provider will give our members national access to unparalleled cancer care at a significantly reduced price. Both organizations share the passion and value of offering exceptional care that is effective and affordable,” said SHS President, Chris Faddis.

CTCA is a national oncology network of hospitals and outpatient care centers offering an integrated approach that combines surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and advancements in precision medicine with supportive therapies to manage side effects and enhance the quality of life during treatment and into survivorship.

“As a nationally accredited and recognized leader in quality and patient satisfaction, CTCA is proud to partner with forward-thinking organizations like Solidarity HealthShare as its preferred oncology provider to ensure its members have direct access to our world-renowned model of care delivered in a cost-effective manner,” said CTCA Chief Strategy Officer, Linde Finsrud Wilson.

“With this partnership, our members have direct access to high-quality cancer care at fair and just rates across the nation. Their dedicated patient advocates stand ready to assist any of our members should they find themselves needing CTCA’s services,” said SHS’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. John Oertle.

“CTCA will allow our members unprecedented access to world class cancer care at affordable costs. This relationship will provide our members with more healthcare options while decreasing medical expenses,” said SHS CEO, Bradley L. Hahn.

Solidarity HealthShare is a Christian healthcare sharing ministry that offers its members an affordable and ethical way to pay for healthcare. Based on the social and moral doctrine of the Catholic Church, we protect our members’ well-formed consciences by sharing in the costs of life-affirming healthcare, and by refusing to participate in unethical medical practices. Our mission is to restore and rebuild an authentic culture that promotes the sanctity of all human life, while facilitating the sharing of our members’ medical expenses.