Synch-Solutions signs agreement with MedAssets Supply Chain Systems


Synch-Solutions announced that it has signed an agreement with MedAssets Supply Chain Systems, one of the largest group purchasing organizations (GPO) serving more than 1,700 hospitals and 40,000 non-acute care providers across the U.S.

Through MedAssets, Synch-Solutions presents healthcare organizations with a complete portfolio of information technology service offerings, including Synch-SMARTS(SM) Fully Managed Services, which enable MedAssets customers to reduce operating costs while ensuring that their IT systems and practices keep pace with emerging government mandates and patient care standards. Synch-Solutions partners with hospital customers to become an integral part of their day-to-day operations, or can provide solutions on a project basis.

Synch-SMARTS(SM) services help healthcare organizations address the changes necessary to enable the adoption of Healthcare IT services – from planning and design to proactive monitoring and management of applications, databases, operating systems, network devices, and other IT equipment. Synch-SMARTS(SM) addresses such critical functions as backup and disaster recovery, security and policy management, and infrastructure management, ensuring compliance with federal laws and regulations as well as required system performance and availability.

"Synch-Solutions can provide efficiencies in technology for the medical community that will ultimately reduce cost," said John Sterling, Founder and CEO of Synch-Solutions. "This agreement combines the strength of MedAssets' presence in the healthcare industry with the solid IT service offerings of Synch-Solutions to create tremendous growth opportunity in an industry that is rapidly moving towards the implementation of Healthcare IT solutions."