Taiwan uses AI to promote Smart Healthcare efficiency


The use of artificial intelligence (AI) will engage 64.9 billion information files collected over 25 years of National Health Insurance history to benefit the public at large, Radio Taiwan International reported .

Vice President Lai Ching-te  was invited to the seminar and exhibition showing the current results of coupling health insurance data with AI. The items included a computer imaging system that helps to locate pancreatic cancer with an accuracy rate of 91.1 percent.

Another AI-assisted procedure made it possible to shorten brain tumor analysis from 10 minutes to 30 seconds, while the patient only had to wait for the diagnosis for half a day instead of two weeks.

The National Health Insurance Administration assured the public that it would protect the privacy of those connected to the 64.9 billion files, including 2.2 billion collected in the last two years.

Due to a recent amendment, private businesses can apply to use information about deceased citizens in their efforts to improve health management and illness prevention, the administration said.