TCS Healthcare Technologies Releases ACUITYnxt 1.5


TCS Healthcare Technologies is excited to release ACUITYnxt 1.5, the latest version of the most intuitive case management software in the industry. ACUITYnxt is a secure cloud-based case management software application that fully supports the case management process.

“Many of today’s case managers are contractors and business owners themselves so time-tracking, capturing billable items, and invoicing are critical features for them,” said Deborah Keller, RN, BSN, Chief Executive Officer for TCS.

Keller notes, “ACUITYnxt now fully supports these needs. Our work logs are designed to support simple time-tracking workflows as well as workflows requiring granular billing documentation for time, units of service, specific medical codes, and user-defined items such as mileage as well. While work logs can be created manually, ACUITYnxt can automatically prompt users with a new work log after saving changes to specific modules or record types.”

In addition to the new time tracking features, ACUITYnxt 1.5 includes several new reports to support invoicing and care plan coordination.

“We have also enhanced a feature unique to ACUITYnxt, drag and drop Screen Templates. Screen Templates allows for customized layouts for key modules without expensive software coding. This feature has been expanded to the Work Log module,” adds Keller. “TCS Healthcare continues to push out new ACUITYnxt functionality in alignment with a very robust road map. Our entire team is excited about our next release this fall which will include population health stratification and workflow automation. Authorization management including grievances and appeals management is very soon to follow.”