TeamDrive secure file synchronisation app available

The new TeamDrive secure file synchronisation and sharing application is now available for free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for Android.
The new TeamDrive apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices support the automatic and secure synchronisation of files.  TeamDrive users enjoy secure access to their own files and files from work colleagues and friends. 
Alternatively, files can also be used offline, allowing confidential documents to be accessed "on the move". Once connected to the Internet, all data is synchronised automatically. For security, all files are encrypted on the mobile devices and before transport; the application itself is password-protected; and high-level encryption (AES 256) comes as standard. 
With TeamDrive only the client has the encryption keys for the files. TeamDrive alone offers the choice of TeamDrive cloud, public cloud, private cloud via the use of your own server onsite or at third-party datacentres, or any combination of these three options.
This highly secure approach makes TeamDrive a perfect fit for processing and exchanging confidential documents, as well as sharing new pictures and videos attached to personal albums or projects. TeamDrive sees itself as a secure cloud alternative to Dropbox, Box, Microsoft SkyDrive and Google Drive.
The TeamDrive application is well-suited to both private and business use. It provides a highly secure client for large enterprise customers with extremely high, even military-grade, security requirements. TeamDrive is the only file synchronisation and sharing application to hold the Data Protection Seal of the renowned independent Centre for Privacy Protection (ULD).