The Health Issues and Hazards That Come with Snoring


Apart from being annoying for your sleeping partner, snoring comes with health hazards that not everyone is aware of. Some of these can have a significant effect on people’s lives, including the chance of an earlier death. Here we will mention just a few of the possible problems your snoring could cause.

Snoring is caused by breathing through your mouth when you sleep. This can cause a narrowing of the arteries in the neck, which can result in a stroke. Research has shown that the louder you snore, the more chance there is of this happening. This is particularly the case if you suffer from high blood pressure.

You can stop breathing through your mouth by using non-invasive sleep aids from this company. These stick to your lips but still allow natural jaw movement, and ensure that you breathe through your nose instead.

Long-term snoring can increase the risk of developing an irregular heartbeat. Research has shown that snoring can affect the conductive system of the heart, which over time can create an enlargement of the left atrium.

Acid Reflux
It is very common for people that snore to suffer from acid reflux. It is thought this is because of the way air moves in and out of your throat while you are sleeping. This can cause pressure changes in your airways and can suck the contents of your stomach back into your esophagus, thus creating the acid reflux.

Lack of Proper Sleep
You do not sleep so soundly when you are constantly snoring. Even after being in bed all night you can wake up exhausted because of this. There is more than one problem associated with not having enough proper sleep.

Anxiety and stress are both made worse by tiredness and if it goes on for too long, that could turn to severe depression. Recent research has shown that the more tired people are, the more likely they are to have mental health issues.

When you are tired, you can become a danger to yourself and people around you if you are driving or operating machinery. Just imagine the possible outcome of falling asleep at the wheel of your car, and how many people could be injured or lose their lives because you had not had enough proper sleep.

Studies have found a link between snoring and morning headaches. The almost 300 people involved in the study complained that waking up most days with a headache is affecting their quality of life.

Sexual Problems
Research involving more than 800 older men showed that the louder they snore, the less sexual satisfaction they felt. Their health was well in all other areas, and if the snoring was reduced, their normal sexual feeling returned.

Excess Weight
More than half of overweight people snore, and it is said this is because of the extra weight that collects around the neck, making it harder to breathe when they are asleep. The beauty of weight causing the problem is that reducing what you weigh reduces the snoring too.

Snoring can also happen in the final stages of pregnancy because of the extra weight the mother-to-be is carrying, and if this is a problem you should talk to your doctor or midwife about it, as you will have more than enough interrupted sleep after the baby has been born.

Family and friends may well tease you about your snoring, especially if it is really loud and can be heard by everyone in your home. In reality, it can be quite dangerous and not something you should ignore.