Therap’s Health Management Suite offers Comprehensive EHR for Human Service Providers


Therap’s health management suite of comprehensive EHR provides health outcome solutions for data-driven care. Providers in agencies can use Therap’s complete health management suite, along with other system features to address compliance, communication, documentation, reporting, billing, and more. Therap offers provider organizations a range of flexible tools to efficiently track health data and visualize the data with a variety of detailed reports.

One of the system’s product add-ons, Health Plus, is a favorite among providers who value robust information on the health status of individuals their team supports. The Health Plus options include the following functionality:

Care Plans provide agencies and care providers a more Person-Centered approach through comprehensive documentation of individualized plans of care. The Care Plans can be used to outline the health problems of an individual so that appropriate goals can be set, as well as the correct approaches can be determined, implemented, tracked and reviewed easily with regular team collaboration.

Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool (eCHAT) allows a detailed health evaluation of an individual from the Therap application. Providers can utilize this tool to complete health screening assessment with a comprehensive health evaluation form for an individual receiving services. It enables assessment of an individual’s health symptoms and medical history. Through the evaluation, providers can retrieve scores that correspond to the overall acuity level and can generate a health assessment summary with recommendations for where Care Plans may be required. From the eChat, Health Passport for an individual can also be generated which contains essential information such as safety issues and risk factors, emergency contacts, allergies, and more.

Health Screening Tools can be used to document screening records and recommendations as well as generate different types of reports on individuals. It allows users to document, monitor and follow up on the health screenings that are recommended.

About Therap
Therap Services complete EHR solution for Human Services provides web-based documentation, communication, reporting, and electronic billing to over 7000 HCBS providers across the United States, in addition to supporting over 20 state government contracts.