TP Southern Odisha Distribution Ltd launches its first Mobile Health Dispensary


In line with the principle of empowering the community in its area of operations, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPSODL), has launched its first Mobile Health Dispensary unit in selected villages of Ganjam District under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program. The dispensary is launched for the healthcare benefit of rural communities.

This dispensary will cater to need of 50 villages in a month on a pre-designed schedule. 50 villages and over 70 thousand of people are expected to benefit from this service in a month. (Annually this will cover 600 villages and estimated population outreach of camps will 8.5 lakhs.) The dispensary will visit the identified villages based on the accessibility of health services and requirement. The mobile dispensary will be equipped with a MBBS Doctor, pharmacist, a nurse along with a driver and will provide doorstep basic medical healthcare to the needy. The dispensary will function daily (except public holidays and Sundays in each month).

“Marking the successful first anniversary, TPSODL team is working to create a meaningful difference in the lives of the disadvantaged people through its CSR initiatives.

Support through Healthcare facilities was one of the identified key area for CSR initiatives while working towards the holistic development of the communities. With the Mobile Health Dispensary, we aim to provide the basic health benefits to those people who lack healthcare due to their remote location. We will keep on working on similar initiatives in the future to strengthen our support for the society” said Mr. Arvind Singh, CEO, TPSODL.

About TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited:

TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPSODL) is a joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of Odisha with the majority stake being held by Tata Power (51%). TPSODL serves a populace of 95 lakhs with a Customer Base of 23.69 lakhs in a vast Distribution Area of 48,751 sq. km. TPSODL’s parent company Tata Power has a vast experience in electricity distribution in Mumbai, Delhi, and Ajmer, and has been a benchmark performer in Delhi for the last two decades.

TPSODL is focused on providing a reliable power supply, enhanced customer services and reducing the existing AT&C losses in a systematic manner. The company is working towards achieving this by upgrading the present distribution infrastructure, adopting new technologies and providing various digital services to the customers.