Transforming Healthcare For A Better Future – ITM Singapore


Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MoH) has introduced the Healthcare Industry Transformation Map (ITM) 2025, with a strong focus on innovative and sustainable strategies to improve the health of the population. They aim to create a future-ready workforce capable of tackling upcoming challenges. The ITM 2025 is a refreshed version of the 2017 healthcare ITM, incorporating lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and leveraging new technologies and opportunities in the sector. MoH is collaborating with various stakeholders to achieve the ITM 2025 goals through solid public-private-people partnerships.

MoH’s key objective is to enhance the research and innovation ecosystem to drive improvements in health. This involves revamping digital applications like Healthy 365 and HealthHub, using data effectively for health research, and implementing National Clinical Translational Programmes and Translational Platforms to accelerate the adoption of value-based healthcare and support Health Systems Transformation.

Furthermore, MoH is working on addressing emerging regulatory issues in healthcare by implementing the Healthcare Services Act and introducing the Health Information Bill.

To prepare for the future, MoH will intensify its efforts to meet the healthcare demands of an ageing population by strengthening hiring for nursing and support care roles and investing in jobs and skills development.