True Health Diagnostics introduces Next Generation Personalized Patient Management Tool

True Health Diagnostics, a leader in advanced chronic disease identification, has launched the next evolution platform that helps providers quickly assess the drivers of our chronic and most deadly diseases.

This platform can help determine opportunities to improve health by identifying changes in metabolism and risk of chronic disease several years ahead of traditional markers. The provider is able to fficiently create an appropriate plan of care that helps pinpoint the true cause of cardiovascular, diabetes and other chronic diseases: inflammation.

Never before have providers had a tool that is easy to read and interpret that connects these multiple inflammatory disease states. User friendly for both providers and patients, this platform proactively dentifies high-risk patients and provides easier communication of complex data. As a web-based service, this tool:

    •    Allows information to be accessed behind the secure online portal
    •    Transfers insight into decision and action at the point of care, allowing highly personalized medical management
    •    Seamlessly integrates into the clinic’s workflow without interruption
    •    At-a-glance historical look back analysis helps illuminate trends to help patients and providers more quickly and easily track progress and enhance health outcomes

Chris Grottenthaler, CEO of True Health Diagnostics, commented on the new patient management platform: “For many providers, advanced laboratory biomarkers help how they practice medicine. They ell us it is difficult to return to using only traditional markers. Our platform and reporting bring risk stratification and patient care to a new height. What you can identify, you can treat.

“Our team of clinical and business professionals’ primary goal is insuring each clinic’s integration and interaction is the most meaningful and seamless in the industry, providing uninterrupted service.”