TWO WINDS: Next-generation blockchain technology lands in healthcare


TWO WINDS, a next-generation healthcare and blockchain company, will enter into the Chinese market in the second half of 2020. According to a research report, the market size of China’s healthcare products industry has been maintaining a double-digit growth rate in the past few years. In 2019, the market size was about 222.7 billion yuan, while the market size is expected to exceed 330 billion yuan in 2021.

With the rapid development of the healthcare products industry, the current healthcare products industry also faces various crises and challenges. For example, the lack of a regulatory system, uneven enterprises, the proliferation of fake drugs and so on. This has greatly undermined consumers’ trust in the health products industry and become a key factor hindering the development of China’s health products industry. The reason can be traced back to the early stage of the health products market, where a large number of enterprises flooded into the market due to low entry barriers and low technical requirements, laying the groundwork for today’s mixed status quo.

In recent years, the emerging Internet economy, overseas purchase, live-streaming of goods, etc. have brought a lot of trust issues to consumers in the digital age. For a long time, due to the industry’s lack of transparency, information asymmetry and other factors, the downstream channels of the industry chain struggled to obtain high profits. Singapore’s blockchain technology company TWO WINDS through blockchain innovation to solve this problem, making information open and transparent.

TWO WINDS has also co-developed a new gout treatment with Japanese pharmaceutical R&D company Chemiterace. From upstream raw material manufacturers, midstream brand manufacturers and operators, to downstream channel partners, TWO WINDS has a complete industrial chain.

TWO WINDS has built its drug distribution system on the blockchain and launched a business model for purchasing drugs via tokens. Its original business model and supply and distribution system connects the production, transaction, capital, flow and other cooperative elements in the drug circulation, realizing the process information can not be tampered with, thus reducing the mutual trust cost of each link, accelerating the digitization of the health care industry and creating the first open collaborative ecology based on digital trust mechanisms in the pharmaceutical industry.

TWO WINDS will enter the Chinese market in the second half of 2020, and is expected to cooperate with cutting-edge enterprises in the domestic healthcare industry to use blockchain technology to change the industry status quo in China’s healthcare market and build a sustainable ecosystem. At the same time TWO WINDS has entered into a partnership with LBANK, a leading exchange in the blockchain industry. The LBANK 101 program will be launched on September 25, 2020.