UNIST Partners with Yonsei University Health System to Empower Smart Healthcare


UNIST recently joined hands with the Yonsei University Health System to further empower smart healthcare.

On January 10, UNIST signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Yonsei University Health System to cooperate on strengthening research capabilities in related fields and contribute to the advancement in medical technology.

Under this agreement, both the institutions plan to work on joint research collaborations on smart healthcare. The scope of this MoU between the parties also includes building the foundation for the revitalization of researcher exchange and promoting scientific and technological development in the field of smart healthcare.

Prior to signing this MoU, the two organizations secured KRW 200 million in funding for collaborative research to address challenges in the healthcare sector. Under the theme of ‘Genome and Medical Imaging,’ they had selected nine projects for joint research. This includes the development of brain MRI analysis for the neurological prognosis of preterm infants, as well as the genomic analysis of adenoid cystic carcinoma, using spatial multi-omics.

Meanwhile, the ceremony has been attended by UNIST President Yoon Hoon Lee, Vice President Jaiyong Lee, Dean Sung Chul Bae (Office of Budget and Planning, UNIST), Chair Woonggyu Jung (Department of Biomedical Engineering, UNIST), Director Hyung Joon Cho (Smart Healthcare Research Center, UNIST), President Dong-Sup Yoon of Yonsei University Health System, and key officials from both organizations.