Partners with Duke University for AI-Enabled Echocardiography Software

123 has partnered with Duke University to collaboratively develop and commercialise AI tools for echocardiography. These tools are designed to enhance early detection, refine diagnoses, and optimise the management of heart disease.

This partnership between and Duke University aims to advance the field of echocardiography with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The collaboration seeks to expedite the detection, diagnosis, and management of heart disease, aligning with our mission to automate the fight against this prevalent condition.

As continues to expand its global network of collaborations in various clinical settings and healthcare systems, the partnership with Duke University enhances the worldwide efforts in cardiovascular research, ultimately benefiting patients globally.

The presence of AI in cardiology is rapidly evolving, encompassing risk score generation, screening, and management. Recent developments in deep learning have made it possible to automate the analysis of medical images.’s software has the potential to accelerate the use of echocardiography in screening and diagnostic procedures, making it both efficient and cost-effective.’s cutting-edge machine learning technology dramatically enhances the efficiency of echocardiography in clinical practise. It streamlines the processing and interpretation of echocardiograms, reducing the time from 30 minutes to under 2 minutes.