VIDA Diagnostics and Olympus Respiratory America collaborates for Delivery of Quantitative Lung Imag


VIDA Diagnostics, Inc., the pioneer in quantitative lung analysis software and services, today announced a collaboration with Olympus Respiratory America, a leading provider of therapeutic pulmonary devices. Under the agreement, Olympus will distribute VIDA's lung analysis services with its Spiration® IBV Valve System in Europe and Australia to aid physicians in patient selection.
"Our partnership with Olympus Respiratory America is an exciting breakthrough. It is an opportunity for pulmonary physicians to use imaging biomarkers to select patients more likely to respond to novel pulmonary therapies and positively impact the lives of severe emphysema patients," said Susan A. Wood, Ph.D, President and CEO of VIDA.
Successful treatment for patients with severe emphysema is impacted by the quality and accuracy of information provided to the care team. It is important to properly characterize, locate and quantify disease well beyond the capabilities of a basic pulmonary function test to select suitable patients for the Spiration IBV Valve therapy. Criteria for patient selection include emphysema severity, fissure integrity scoring, and perfusion. With the partnership between VIDA and Olympus Respiratory America, Spiration IBV Valve customers and their patients will benefit from increased information available with precise imaging analytics.
"The interventional pulmonary field is advancing with the emergence of both novel therapies for patients with emphysema, and the essential analytics to accurately match the patient to the therapy for greater response," said Felix Herth, MD, Ph.D, Chairman, Department of Pneumology and Critical Care Medicine at ThoraxKlinik, University of Heidelberg. "It is essential that, as pulmonary clinicians, we treat the patient safely, effectively and cost efficiently. VIDA's solution increases our ability to match the right treatment to the right patient at the right time."