VirusIQ selects the WISeKey Digital Health Passport for COVID-19 to secure digital health screening, telemedicine and diagnostic services


WISeKey International Holding, a leading cybersecurity and IoT company, signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement with ClinIQ Inc, a healthcare incubator platform, to secure digital health screening, telemedicine and diagnostic services. ClinIQ Inc has worked with Oxford University Innovation to launch VirusIQ is a screening platform that specialises in early detection, prevention and management of virus diseases such as COVID-19. The screening platform provides private, secure and safe identity management, digital health screening, telemedicine and diagnostic services.

The collaboration with ClinIQ reinforces WISeKey’s main objective of establishing a foothold into this new segment which is projected to bring over $2 million in revenue for the Company in calendar year 2021 while at the same time it creates significant new market opportunities in the healthcare sector.

WIShelter SafePass will leverage a suite of cutting-edge eHealth secure services combining WISeID and VirusIQ platforms to ensure users’ privacy, security and safety whilst providing access to diagnostics, vaccine education and necessary medical services and data.

WISeID is a trusted identity service that enables access to the web and mobile applications with strong authentication techniques. WISeID supports online KYC onboarding, OTP and digital certificate login, and an innovative “hands-free” secure login based on QR-Codes which users can read using WIShelter SafePass mobile application without even having to type any password. Additional security services include digital signature services for documents. WISeID implements standards such as OpenID Connect and OAUTH2, that can be easily integrated by customers to enhance the security of their cloud applications. WISeID can also be combined with Microsoft Active Directory, facilitating integration with corporate applications.

WISeKey, powered by VirusIQ, delivers a unique platform to governments, institutions, individuals, and transportation, sports, and entertainment companies that allows the early diagnosis and management of COVID-19 or other pandemic outbreaks. This mobile platform provides rapid access to digital health screening and individual’s medical information, including COVID-19 testing and vaccination reports, digitally signed by accredited bodies, as evidence of certified immunity status. These tools will enable businesses restricted by COVID-19 to quickly reopen and rebuild.

The WIShelter Safepass suite was built by leaders in the clinical and technical field and allows for scalability and flexibility. It enables users to identify clinical COVID biomarkers, contact tracing, diagnostics, and triage for vaccine access, whilst keeping security at its core.

“The collaboration between VirusIQ and WiseKey is a testament to our common mission in keeping all citizens safe and enabling secure access to healthcare resources. Our collaboration is an important next step in bringing the world a digital health product that can be trusted to safeguard an individual’s health and identity data. We believe in improving private, secure, and safe mHealth technology that endears confidence in government, business, and community stakeholders. The future is brighter when we can work together to safely address healthcare needs,” said Dr. Ajintha Pathmanathan, CEO of ClinIQ Inc and VirusIQ Ltd.

“We are proud of this strategic collaboration agreement with VirusIQ which strengthens and accelerates our strategy in the sector, by bringing technological components that meet the requirements of securing medical profiles and data while completing a coherent value proposition within the framework of a digital transformation required by the industry suffering the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. This agreement continues the line of recent collaborations WISeKey established with Digid Diagonostics and arago,” indicated Carlos Moreno, Vice-President of WISeKey Corporate Alliances and Partnerships.

About VirusIQ
VirusIQ is a product and subsidiary of ClinIQ Inc (a healthcare incubator platform). VirusIQ Ltd was formed in January 2020 in response to the SARS-COV-2 outbreak in China with the purpose of early detection and prevention of viral outbreaks. The founder, Dr Ajintha Pathmanathan, an Anaesthesiologist and Public Health doctor with experience in treating patients during SARS-COV-1 predicted as early as January 2020 an impending pandemic with the available data and immediately commenced building a team and the platform.

About WISeKey:
WISeKey is a leading global cybersecurity company currently deploying large scale digital identity ecosystems for people and objects using Blockchain, AI and IoT respecting the Human as the Fulcrum of the Internet. WISeKey microprocessors secure the pervasive computing shaping today’s Internet of Everything. WISeKey IoT has an installed base of over 1.5 billion microchips in virtually all IoT sectors (connected cars, smart cities, drones, agricultural sensors, anti-counterfeiting, smart lighting, servers, computers, mobile phones, crypto tokens etc.). WISeKey is uniquely positioned to be at the edge of IoT as our semiconductors produce a huge amount of Big Data that, when analyzed with Artificial Intelligence (AI), can help industrial applications to predict the failure of their equipment before it happens.

Our technology is Trusted by the OISTE/WISeKey’s Swiss based cryptographic Root of Trust (“RoT”) provides secure authentication and identification, in both physical and virtual environments, for the Internet of Things, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. The WISeKey RoT serves as a common trust anchor to ensure the integrity of online transactions among objects and between objects and people.